Grandview grows a variety of sod types that thrive in Ocala, FL and North Central Florida.

Choose from the following sod types:

St Augustine sod,sod types,types of sod,Grandview,sod Ocala,ocala sod,Marion CountyST AUGUSTINE-CLASSIC

  • Semi-Shade tolerant and low growing, therefore, less mowing is needed.
  • It is more cold tolerant than Floratam and has a smaller leaf.
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  • St. Augustine is the most popular southern grass for a beautiful lawn.
  • Requires at least 6 hours of full sun to thrive.
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Centipede sod,grandview farms,types of sod,sod types,ocala sod,sod ocala,CENTIPEDE

  • Does well in non-fertile, acid soil and does very well in partial shade.
  • When established, can rebound after brief droughts.
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Zoysia,zoysia sod,empire zoysia,grandview farmsZOYSIA

  • Grows slowly and is naturally resistant to chinch bugs.
  • Durable, soft-textured grass which handles cold and drought conditions.
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Bahia sod, argentine bahia sod, bahia grass


  • Hardy sod used in areas with little irrigation.
  • Common pasture grass, but upon care and maintenance provides an attractive lawn.
  • Often used along roadsides and ditches to control erosion.
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berumda419 BERMUDA

  • Ask about availability.
  • Dense, fine blade.
  • Rapid spreading.
  • Highly disease resistant.
  • Great for sports fields.
  • Deep, dark green color.
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Sodding Quick Tips

  • Give the sod it time to get well rooted before planning activities on the sod.
  • Sod is quite dependent on you, until the roots have developed and extended down into the soil.
  • Sod pieces should be laid over bare, moist soil in a staggered brick-like pattern, and the edges should be fitted tightly together to avoid any open cracks.
  • Water thoroughly daily after installation to ensure for fast rooting.
  • Once sod is rooted (typically 10 days later), water as needed.

Suggested Mowing Practices

St Augustine:
2-4″ Tall, mow every 4-7 days

3-4″ Tall, mow every 4-7 days

1-2″ Tall, mow every 10-14 days

1-2″ Tall, mow every 10-14 days

0.5 – 1.5″ Tall, mow every 5-7 days

Recommend Resource:

Check out this publication from University of Florida (IFAS) that covers many of your questions for the types of grass grown in our area…Written in practical language by turfgrass experts, this resource offers the most current lawn management information and is an invaluable aid to growing a beautiful, healthy lawn year round.

Florida Lawn Handbook by UF/IFAS

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Get a FREE Sod Installation Estimate
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