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Grandview grows and sells two varieties of St Augustine sod (Classic and Floratam). Both are similar to the eye, but have slight differences.

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St Augustine Sod – “Classic”

  • Classic is semi-shade tolerant.
  • Low growing choice for St Augustine sod, therefore less mowing is needed.
  • More cold tolerant than Floratam and has a smaller leaf.
  • Classic, once established, requires the same amount of water as St. Augustine Floratam unless it is in a shady area, then it would require less water.

St Augustine Sod – “Floratam”

  • Floratam is coarse-textured species forming stolons or above-ground stems that reach out for several feet.
  • St. Augustine Floratam is the most commonly used and most popular sod in Florida.
  • It requires at least 6+ hours of full sunlight daily to thrive.
  • Prefers warmer weather and is popular for cultivation in tropical and subtropical regions.

Care Instructions for St Augustine Sod:

  • Let the sod take root in your ground before mowing.
  • Water 30 minutes per day for 2-3 week to get rooted, then as needed.
  • Once rooted, keep grass mowed to a height of 3.5 to 4 inches for best root growth.
  • Mow every 4 to 7 days during peak growing season.
  • For more tips, check out this lawn guide from The University of Florida IFAS extension.

Purchasing Information:

  • 400 sq ft per sod pallet, approx 120 rectangle pieces
  • Generally takes 1 person 1 – 1.5 hours to lay 1 pallet of sod.
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  • We offer Sod Installation Services
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