Grandview ground maintenanceGrandview offers a full range of landscape maintenance, grounds maintenance and lawn care services to keep your property looking great year around.

Grandview serves commercial, industrial, governmental and high end residential customers throughout Ocala-Marion County and beyond.

Whether you are a property developer, owner or property manager, Grandview provides consistent and dependable maintenance services including:

Lawn Maintenance

Lawn mowing, detail edging and blowing off debris

Lawn Repair & Sodding

Replacement of dead grass patches or installing sod to new or existing lawns.

Other services include sprigging, plugging, aerification , or core harvesting.

Core aeration helps to reduce soil compaction, thatch build up, and allows nutrients and water to more efficiently reach your lawns root system.

Lawn Treatment

Spray weeds, weed control programs, fertilizers treatments, etc.

Implementation of proper landscape fertilizers and weed control programs are essential in maintaining healthy and attractive landscapes. Optimize plant growth and in keeping your grounds green, vibrant and lush throughout the year with quality fertilizers (releasing nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium). Promote lawn and plant growth while targeting unwanted weeds.


Ground cover materials application

Hedge Trimming & Pruning

Pruning of hedges, trees plants and flower beds to remove weeds, dying or diseased, dead or unwanted branches

Debris Removal

Leaf and litter collection and removal

Pressure Washing

Cleaning and treatment of hard surfaces

Porter Services

Parking lot sweeping, street sweeping. More >

Grandview’s courteous and professional crews are mindful of site safety and cleanliness while on your property.

Need a customized landscape maintenance program to suit your specific needs and budget?

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